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4 month check up

Yesterday we went for Babyice’s 4 months check up at the pediatrician. Again I went with a list of questions and we got more than we bargained for!

The doctor is completely happy with his development. He weighs 7.245kg already! He is blooming heavy to lug around all day. Apparently him not wanting to play by himself and wanting to be picked up all the time is part of his personality. What he didn’t say was ‘Your baby is an attention whore’. Wah. He is 63cm tall and his head circumference is 45cm.

The doctor said it’s time to move him into his own room! He said if we wait much longer he will start suffering from separation anxiety, so it’s a good idea to do it now. He also said it’s time to give him solids! He said the fact that he is waking up more often at night is a definite sign that he is ready to start eating! I tell you, I never thought I would ever get so excited about porridge! We went off to buy some porridge immediately, but I decided we’ll wait till Saturday so daddy can be with when he takes his first proper feed. My grandfather has also asked to come. I’m happy to have him, he can take photos 🙂 I guess I’ll need a high chair now! Rudi also said we can move him into his own room on Saturday. Everyone who reads my blog knows his room isn’t nearly ready…so Saturday is the designated day. We were going to wait till we moved, but we were looking for houses online the other day and could find NOTHING. We want a house with a yard and a garage and we could find NOTHING. Can you believe it? So Saturday is the day. No, no pictures – we’re not going to paint and everything. We’ll just make it comfortable for him.

The pediatrician also told us not to make our vegetables, but to buy purity vegetables once we move him over to veggies. He said it is made in a sterile environment and fortified with vitamins. He says he has been to the factory and they are very strict. He said if just one jar breaks the entire production line gets shut down for 3 days. Originally Rudi wanted to make the veggies himself, but he’ll follow the doctor’s orders 🙂 We can also now change his milk to NAN 2.

He also gave us a cortisone cream for his rash and some medicine to dry up all the snot in his head. I told the doctor that I thought I made Babyice sick. Apparently adults don’t make kids sick. Kids make kids sick. Who knew? I also asked if there was something he could take to boost his immunity when he goes to his day mother, he said there are things on the market, but they don’t work.

Well there you go! Babyice is wanting to be picked up again…so off I go!