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35 weeks

This past week has been exhausting. Work has been super busy and chaotic. I am SO looking forward to going on maternity leave! I’m working next week from Monday to Sunday and then I’m done! My porridge brains are starting to make it really difficult for me to function properly at work. Yes, they’ve been there all along, but they are getting really bad. I’m making stupid mistakes. I really shouldn’t be trusted to serve customers anymore!



Milla and I got a lot done in the house on Monday and Tuesday. All the clothes have been sorted, but now need to be washed and packed away neatly. I still need to sort through all the toys and the kitchen and then I will consider things done. We’re getting a TV stand to put up our TV in our room this afternoon and once that is up we can set up the cot. We still need to get a new mattress for the cot as you can’t use old cot mattresses. Apparently a type of bacteria breeds in mattresses that can contribute to SIDS. I’m not taking that chance for R 250.00! I haven’t started packing my hospital bag yet either. Considering that the gynae said we shouldn’t expect anything to happen before next year I’m okay with that. Tomorrow is the housekeeper’s last day before she goes on holiday for a month. I’ve asked Milla to pass along the details of her housekeeper for December/January while ours is on leave. We simply cannot cope without one. Or at least, Rudi can’t cope without one. I am utterly useless in the housework department at the moment.



I’ve received some “baby shower” gifts from people at work. My baby shower was supposed to take place last weekend, but was cancelled about 40 minutes before it was supposed to happen and postponed to this week. Most of the people attending have already pardoned themselves from attending this week and have brought me gifts so long. The gifts were freaking me out before (especially the clothing gifts) because I had no space for them and couldn’t fathom where I would put them, but since we’ve sorted out the clothes I know exactly what will go where and am more focused on when/how I will do the washing. I don’t think I can do all the washing this weekend and I’m not sure I want to leave it till I’m on maternity leave. Perhaps I will. I just need to trust that everything will somehow get done.



I am 35 weeks today. Super uncomfortable. I can’t stand for longer than a few minutes at a time or walk “long” distances anymore. A trip to the mall is most definitely out of the question. Time is really starting to run out now! I am excited and scared all at the same time. We’ll be entering an entire different era in our lives. Babyice is excited about his sister arriving and I am quite comforted by that. I’d rather he be excited than jealous or resentful. That being said, mommy can go jump off a bridge lately. He really wants very little to do with me. He does show me affection, gives me hugs and kisses, tells me he loves me…but don’t let daddy out of his sight! Mommy is also not allowed to brush his teeth. I haven’t been bathing him for months now since I can’t bend over the bath with my bump and now when I want to brush his teeth in the mornings, he says ‘No! Daddy brush my teeth.’ I am feeling a bit rejected, but I’m not taking it personally.



Thank goodness it’s Friday. I need a break!