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3 going on 13

When I was a kid I remember my grandmother and mother telling me to ‘stop being cheeky’ after almost everything I said. I didn’t understand their disdain at my incredible wit. You know how your parents always threaten you with your own children while you are still a child? ‘Wait till it’s your turn’ they’d say. Or ‘I hope you have a child just like you’. I think my mother got her wish.

Babyice has been saying the most cheeky things of late. He really can back chat with the best of them and clearly likes to have the last word. I don’t think having much older children at the day mother is helping at all. A while ago he passed Rudi the TV remote. Rudi asked ‘What must I do with this?’ He replies ‘Put on a movie. Duh!’ Really? Duh?! He also frequently retorts ‘Whatever!’ while he is being scolded. If he isn’t saying ‘OK. I get it!’ in an exasperated tone.

I have started sending him to his room when his tongue gets out of hand and that generally seems to work…once I finally get him in here. I said an “ugly word” the other day and I was ordered to go to his room. Not my room, his! Sometimes he’ll randomly start saying “I don’t say stupid it’s an ugly word. I don’t say moron it’s an ugly word.” I get the feeling he is cheating and just wanting to say all the ugly words. He also often refers to things and puts a “bloody” in front of them. “I can’t open this bloody thing”. He has picked this up from Rudi’s father. He knows he shouldn’t say it.

More often than I’d like to admit he gets the opportunity to reprimand me for swearing. It’s like I can’t hear myself doing it. I might be frustrated and say something like “Pick up the fucking towel!” and he’ll look at me and say “Don’t say fucking towel. Just say towel.” I then have to eat humble pie, tell him he is right and apologize.
Obviously someone has taught him this and I have an inkling the day mother may have been reprimanding him for swearing the very same way. Oops.

It’s like I am already living with a teenager. 3 is proving to be a lot more challenging than the “terrible twos” were. They were a breeze in comparison so far!