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27 Week Gynae Appointment

WARNING: I talk about peeing in cups here. If that is TMI for you, stop reading.



I had my 27 week gynae appointment on the 10th of October. I made my appointment in the late afternoon so that Rudi could finally join me for an appointment, sans interference from his boss. I was so happy to have him there.



After my last failed attempt to pee in the ‘cup’ at the gynae I was stressed ALL day about offering them a sample at my late afternoon appointment. The ‘cups’ are really no bigger than a pill container so if you don’t have enough pee to move it around and catch some, you might just not get any in there at all. I had a strategy. Last pee at 14:00 and then start drinking like a mad woman to fill my bladder before we go. I got a 650 ml Super Fruit smoothie from Kuaui and had a glass of water after getting back to the office. If you know me, you know I am very bad at drinking anything. I don’t like to drink. I’m not a water drinker. Even at gym I seldom drink water. For me to consume almost a litre of liquid in 2 hours, you know I’m determined. By 16:00 I still didn’t feel like I needed to go to the loo urgently and I was still a bit worried.  We toddled off to the hospital and arrived to a waiting room FULL of patients. Usually everyone sitting there when I arrive still needs to be seen. I relaxed a little as I realized I could give all the liquids a little longer to filter though before having to attempt to submit my sample. I grabbed an extra container from the basket and snuck it into my handbag. I’ll be damned if I will be stressed all day again next time. I’ll just pee in the receptacle at my leisure and stow it in a ziplock bag in my handbag till my appointment.  Eventually I felt like the urge was strong enough for me to attempt it. Embarrassingly I had even Googled pictures to see where the best place would be to hold the cup. I didn’t know as much as I thought about my anatomy, in spite of watching the Oprah episodes with the diagrams of female genitalia. I waddled off to the loo…and I aced it. I could of filled 2 cups! In fact, I needed to go to the loo again before we got a chance to see the gynae at all.



There were a few couples in the waiting room. In particular a couple expecting their first baby and a woman who had come on her own who isn’t pregnant. This lady was talking the hind leg off a donkey! She was dishing out a lot of birth/parenting advice to the expecting couple (none of which I particularly disagreed with) and by the time it was their turn to see the gynae their eyes were as wide as saucers. I think she might have scared the cheezits out of them. Eventually we were left alone with her…at which point she divulged the story of her daughter. Her poor family has been through so much. Her daughter was born 2 months prematurely and at the age of 4 months suffered a severe heart attack. Only then did they realize that she had been born with no chambers in her heart. Her stories about ICU and living in the hospital unfolded and eventually I was sitting there in tears. She wasn’t deliberately trying to upset me, but her story was so heart wrenching that I couldn’t help but feel for her. In the end the story has a happy ending, her daughter is now 2 and half and they constructed chambers for her heart from bovine heart muscle. Apparently she will need a valve replacement at a later stage in life, but otherwise she will have a normal life and even be allowed to partake in sports. We had almost been there for 2 hours when we finally got called into the office…



They gynae called us in saying ‘Come on in, before you two need to order breakfast’. He was in a very jovial mood considering he was running two hours behind and had obviously had quite a day. He asked how I was doing and I reported that everything was going well and that things had improved since I last saw him. Then, as is my custom, I asked him about his recent success rate with epidurals. I then had to wait for him to stop laughing. He knows every time he sees me the subject will be raised. Apparently he is still running on a 100% success rate and he feels good about his chances to administer a successful epidural for me. He then told me about another patient who is the other extreme and insists on having no epidural, even if she asks for one in a ‘moment of weakness’.  He had a look at PrincessIce and we’re happy to report that she is doing well. She is still average size and at the time of my scan weighed about 1 kg. That’s two blocks of butter! She is very active and he still thinks she’ll only make her appearance in 2013, even if it’s the very first day. He said we should be ready for her anywhere from the 1st of January. As long as she comes after the 27th (when my gynae gets back from leave) I’ll be happy. I really don’t want to give birth with his scalpel-happy partner. He doesn’t foresee any problems with me being able to give natural birth again and said that it is much less likely to tear with a second baby. That’s good news, although, she might just have a big head.



I must say that I am really enjoying this pregnancy a lot more than I did with Babyice. I am a lot more relaxed, not only about the outcome of the pregnancy, but the birth as well. Not being fraught with anxiety certainly has its perks. Sometimes I just stop in the middle of whatever I am doing, look down at my bump and have a surge of humility and gratitude. I can then be seen with a stupid smile plastered across my face. I am more inclined to talk to PrincessIce and am definitely forming much more of a bond with her while in the womb than I ever dared to with Babyice. I am a little sad that I wasn’t able to have the same kind of experience with Babyice, but I understand that it was completely natural for me to feel the way I did when I was pregnant with him. That pregnancy came about just six months after we lost Jamie and all that fear and grief was still very raw. I can tell Rudi is bonding a lot more too. He actually picked up a pregnancy/birth/baby book in the gynae’s office and read some of it! This is very unusual behaviour for him. He also often wants to feel her kick and seems a lot less distant than he was with the previous pregnancy. I never felt that the loss of Jamie affected him deeply like it did me, but it is very apparent to me now that he felt it just as much as I did and that he was also fearful of the future with Babyice.




I am now 28 weeks already. I gave birth to Babyice at 38 weeks and 5 days. In no time at all our baby will be here. I find myself extremely broody when seeing other little babies. It’s very odd. On the one hand I am impatient to be with her and on the other I want to savour this last pregnancy.