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2014 Wind Down

Somehow I got all my ducks in a row this year and have purchased and wrapped all my Christmas gifts before the 15th of December! This year’s pile is considerably smaller than last year’s. Cost cutting is a bitch. We did however manage to get some nice gifts for the kids and that is all that matters.

My shopping woes do not end with Christmas. Gabby’s birthday is the 2nd of January, so just 8 days after Christmas I have more presents that need to be bought and a birthday celebration to throw together. My grandmother’s birthday is the 6th of January, so I was thinking we should combine her and Gabby’s tea this year. I was thinking a regular cake with some candles and some helium balloons and just family.

A month after Gabby’s birthday it is Elijah’s birthday (2nd of February). I think we’ll try to pull of a party on a shoestring budget this year. The idea is to combine Elijah and Gabby’s parties into one. We have always had Elijah’s parties at the day mother’s house, since that is where he spent all of his time and that is where all his friends are. He only started play school this year and we didn’t send anything to school. Later on in the year I started to feel bad as it was apparent that lots of other kids were bringing party packs and cupcakes, etc to school. I refuse to send stuff to school AND have something at the day mother. We simply can’t afford it. If I just sent stuff to school that would exclude all his long time friends and Gabby. It is actually a hard choice, because I don’t know how it will affect him at school. I don’t actually know if it will make a difference for him socially. Is this something I should actually even be thinking about? I’m not sure. I really don’t remember ever having a “party” at school myself or that it was something that happened back then.

As things are winding down for the year my posts will become a little bit more sporadic. I won’t be posting these kinds of posts, but since I’ll still be doing my nails I’ll keep those posts coming. I’ll get back into a decent post schedule again in the New Year.

I have leave this year from the 2nd of Jan and will return to work on the 12th, so expect things to get back to normal around the 15th of January 🙂

I hope you all have a lovely and blessed festive season with your loved ones. I know that this time of year is not happy and jovial for everyone. Be safe, be kind to yourselves and to each other.

Thanks for reading!