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Wow. Two years ago today, Twitter was in a frenzy with the highly anticipated arrival of Babyice. TWO years ago! A year ago my angel boy turned one and I couldn’t believe how amazingly blessed I was. In the last year my baby has been traded in for a toddler who has developed at an amazing pace. He is no longer a helpless, tiny little baby. He is a miniature person. A little boy. A walking, talking and snoring bundle of cute!


I feel so priviledged to be this boy’s mother. Watching him grow up has been amazing. I am in awe of him and the miracle that is his life. He has changed me as a person to the core. He has opened up doors in my heart, not only for him to access. Doors that pour out love not only to or for him, but to others. I hope that I will be a part of this young man’s life for the rest of my life. That I can protect him where I should and know when he needs to fall and bump his own head.


This year past he has started to walk, talk and indeed bumped his own head. We’ve had no hospital admissions this year, just the stitches. For that I am grateful! His immunity seems to have improved and he is getting sick a lot less than he used to. We have learned that he is allergic to mosquito bites, that he doesn’t like corn and that Stopayne makes him sleepy. He has started eating by himself and often brings me a flower from a garden he may be exploring (thanks to my MIL who taught him to do that). He has developed an insatiable love of water and loves to ‘sing’. He loves dinosaurs and is afraid of tortoises. Jumping is one of his favourite things to do, whether it be from the arm of the couch or from the last step on the flight of stairs.


Sleep training had us (read: me) pulling our hair out, but at the end of the day was successful enough for my liking in the end. Even though we recently had a hiccup when Mr. Babyice figured out he can open doors where he would get out of bed repeatedly. Mommy stayed strong and he learned he could not get away with that. We still switch off the TV an hour before bedtime, because we don’t want him to have night terrors, which he seems prone to.


In the last year we have:



Stood up and walked 🙂


Stolen popcorn (and mommy's heart)




Gotten darn cute!


Had my hair cut professionally


Bumped my head
Gotten a big boy bed!



Pushed trolleys


Learnt to eat by myself




Had my face painted


Gotten dirty


Become a basket case


Loved Barney






Sat on a big bike




Played the organ


Worn hats:)


Slept like a man


Learnt about priorities 😉

Our lives revolve around this child and I wouldn’t have it any other way.