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19 weeks

So I’m 19 weeks today. Halfway there! Wow. Time is really flying. It feels like just the other day that I was praying to be over 12 weeks so that my risk of miscarriage would be lower. Then I was praying that everything would be OK at my 13 week scan…now I’m praying that everything will be OK at my 20 week scan and before you know it we’ll have a baby.


Babycentre says Babyice is looking like this now. I’ve been feeling movement for the past two weeks or so with the occasional kick every now and then. He actually gives me a bit of a fright! I suppose I’ll get used to it at some point…probably really soon.


I haven’t really been getting much sleep lately. Sometimes I have nightmares and sometimes I get up to go to the loo and can’t get back to sleep. I haven’t not been able to sleep because of movement or kicking yet, but it’s still pretty gentle at the moment. I’ve heard many women complain of being kicked in the ribs. Sound rather painful! I do so love it when he kicks though. It makes me feel special…and also makes me feel like I have a special bond with him. Like it’s our secret. I think Rudi is feeling quite excluded from all this. He seems to be tired of me smiling at my belly or saying ‘Oh! He kicked!’ I can’t wait till he can also feel. That is going to be AWESOME.


Nature calls. Must run.