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13 weeks

So tomorrow is the big day. The first thing I thought when I opened my eyes this morning was OMG. It’s tomorrow. I’ve calmed down a bit during the day…even took a nice long nap now. There’s really nothing I can do to change anything that is going to happen tomorrow…so I’ll just have to tough it out.


I’m 13 weeks pregnant today, so tomorrow they’ll be able to check feet, hands, spine, brain, organs, fingers, toes…pretty much everything. So I’m a little excited, just not too excited. This morning I actually had more energy than normal…I cleaned the kitchen voluntarily. Rudi will tell you it’s the first time in months.  That’s awesome! Also the headache I’ve been battling with since Sunday seems to have buggered off. Thank God!


Now there’s another little thing that has been niggling at my mind all day. My Evil Mother has an old, old friend. Let’s call her…Tannie. She’s a really lovely person and all that, but the last time I saw her she brought My Evil Mother into my house and manipulated us into letting her stay with us. Of course that only lasted 3 days, because I learnt from the best to be evil and when My Evil Mother dragged the priest to our house to set me straight, he had my back.


On Tuesday Tannie phoned me up randomly (I initially thought to wish me for my birthday, but she seemed to have forgotten) – I haven’t heard from her in over a year – and said she’s back into doing life insurance and stuff and she’d like to assess our policies. I told her that someone has already done it from the same company this year so it really wasn’t any use. She then asked if we have a will and I admitted we didn’t, so she said she will do that for us for free. So she’s coming over this evening.


Now Tannie and My Evil Mother have a rough history. They’ve been best of friends, but then sworn enemies, but Tannie is one that always seems to try and bail her out, no matter what point in their friendship they’re at. Or at least she tries to get someone else to bail her out (like with us). Now, Tannie is also quite a manipulative piece of work. She can be so wonderful and when she used to live in the same complex as us she used to cook us dinner occasionally and stuff, but she has that other side.


This morning my aunt was here to pick up the container that my birthday cake was in and she mentioned that My Evil Mother has been sending my uncle text messages telling him he must help her get a place to stay with Tannie. Now the random phone calls seems all too co-incidental. I don’t believe in co-incidences.


I’ve decided if Tannie shows up here with My Evil Mother in tow I will not open the security gate. I am not letting My Evil Mother back into my life, nevermind my house. Now I just need to stick to that, suck it up and grow a pair. I can be quite timid and accomodating, sometimes to my own detriment. Rudi can also be a real softy, but we need to stand our ground and keep this toxic person away from us – remember I need to be zen now – and our future baby!