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11 weeks

So tomorrow I will be 11 weeks pregnant. The nausea seems to be less now than it was last week *touchwood* Sleeping on my stomach is impossible. It hurts. My skin is very dry and is itchy in strange places, despite applying cocoa butter oil (intended for the purpose) or body lotion – which I am terrible at doing. No, I can’t ask Rudi, he says he doesn’t like the feeling of cream on his hands. He is not the first person I’ve heard say this, so I’ll believe him.


I’m feeling rather sore in my abdomen today, but it’s not cramping so I’m not worried. I must assume that this is due to the migration of my womb upwards. My gynae told me to expect it. He also told me to expect feeling pressure on my bladder, which I most definitely do. It’s most annoying to think nature is calling you rather loudly, only to find out it was practically a false alarm.


Another rather alarming thing is that my tummy already seems to be getting bigger! At only 10 weeks! I had read before this pregnancy that you can start showing at 9 weeks already, but I thought this might be slightly exaggerated or that my first pregnancy might not have counted as I didn’t carry to term. I was wrong! I’ve already thrown my jeans in the back of the cupboard and switched to comfy pants with elastic (SO sexy – I know!) and made sure the few new pairs I have aquired have some room for growth. I think I’m going to massive. Yes. I’ll post pictures once I start looking pregnant rather than just looking like I have a fat belly.


I <3 my landlady. She is so lovely and accomodating. I’ve never needed to ask her for an extension on rent or anything, but she is just so nice.  Our original rental agreement said that our rent will increase with 11% every year. We’ve been living there for almost a year now so it was time to let her know whether or not we’ll be staying. I informed her a while ago that we don’t intend to move and today she e-mailed me to ask me if it would be okay if the rent went up by 9%. Uh. HELL YES! 🙂 I don’t know if she forgot about what was written in the previous rental agreement, but she offered it and I snapped it up. The previous agency we rented from had zero service delivery and increased our rent with 10% each year. This landlady had the entire place painted out within two weeks of me suggesting it needed a coat of paint. Enough said.


Thank you for all the positive feedback on the site guys! I really appreciate it! My twitter feed will be up as soon as my host upgrades to PHP5 (no I don’t know what I actually just said).