Radial Gradient by Ordinary Misfit – Guest Post

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Hi everyone! I have a treat for you today! The lovely Michelle from Ordinary Misfit has come to visit my blog :) I really love having her over here. She always creates such amazing nails. She is totally my mentor and my local nail crush! She was also sweet enough to feature me as blogger of the month over on her blog, so be sure to check out my featured posts over there!


Hi lovelies,

It’s always such an honour to be asked to do a guest post here and even more so when it is from MY Blogger of the Month.  Thank you so much for having me.

As usual, I asked for some guidelines.  I know the standards here are very high and I wanted to at least do something suitable.  Heather was kind enough to comply and gave me the following guidelines.

  • Radial gradient – Which I was very excited about because I have been meaning to try it. It also made me nervous because I had no idea if I was going to nail it or not.
  • Stamping – Always a favourite!

Seems pretty simple right?  Let’s see how I fared.

Radial gradient with stamping nail art 3 Radial gradient with stamping nail art Radial gradient with stamping nail art 4 Radial gradient with stamping nail art 2

I started with a base of Sinful Colors – Snow me white.  When that was completely dry I taped up and went to work with the sponge.  For the pink I used China Glaze – Glow with the flow and for the green I used China Glaze – Highlight of my summer.  Once the radial gradient was done I left that to dry completely as well.  I then stamped using BP-48 and MoYou stamping polish in black.  I then topcoated and enjoyed the neon goodness.

What do you think?  I really liked the neons together.  I used the butterfly stamping because Heather did throw it out there that she would not hate it if there were butterflies involved.  I do think it kinda works well with it too.  Do you think it does?

Thank you so much for having me here Heather and for challenging me a bit.  Pushing me to do something I have been putting off for ages.  Like just you can 😉


How gorgeous are these?! Thanks so much, Michelle! I love them! I also need to buckle down and do a radial gradient sometime! What do you guys think of her creation? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

You can find Michelle on all of her social media channels below:








Color Club Alias





Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend :) Today I want to show you a stamped mani I did with a plate that I am kind of obsessed with. This bornprettystore plate is half covered in gorgeous paisley type designs. I couldn’t get it out of my head until I stamped it. I want to stamp it in ALL THE COLOURS EVER. I want to stamp it over and over again. I’m wonder if I can stamp other items with it. I really love it. I’m so in love with this type of design I ordered myself the new Bundle Monster Shangri-La Master set of plates from me to me for my birthday 😀 Let me show you how this turned out.Color Club Alias stamped with BP-10 and Tip Top Armour PlateColor Club Alias stamped with BP-10 and Tip Top Armour PlateColor Club Alias stamped with BP-10 and Tip Top Armour PlateI started off with my usual L.A. Girl base coat to protect my nails. I painted 3 thin coats of Color Club Alias on all of my nails. Alias is a purple polish with very fine but dense flakies. It was quite sheer, but built up beautifully in 3 thin coats. In the bottle this has quite an apparent colour shift, but it was completely lost on the nail, I couldn’t get the shift to show up no matter what angle I tried. It is still a GORGEOUS purple though, it reminds me a lot of Sinful Colors I Love You. Once my nails were dry I adhered the 2 rectangular rhinestones on my pinkie and index nails with top coat. I stamped over my ring and middle nails using Tip Top Armour Plate and BP-10. Even though the plate has the paisley patterns in an “infinity” design (meaning there are no spaces between the patterns), I chose to use the edge of the design that has some spaces in between the intricate patterns. I love the twirls at the edges and felt the paisley was more apparent this way. I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite.

I’m really loving the dark purples this winter, aren’t I? I seem to keep reaching for them over and over. OOPS! I’ll try to diversify…depending on what is lying in my untried pile. I know for a fact there is at least 1 more darker shade of purple waiting to be pulled out. What do you think of this mani? Do you like paisley patterns? Let me know in the comments below!


Magnetic Butterflies

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Hi everyone! Today I’ll be showing you my second attempt at decals or reverse stamping. I made my first set of decals for this manicure and was SO BUMMED when the top coat I used dried to a milky/clouded finish. SO annoying! It’s an essence top coat that I purchased specifically for making decals and I’ve only used it once or twice, now I’m going to have to chuck it. I can’t use it for decals or as a top coat anymore. I tested it out on my nail wheel as a top coat and it also completely obscured the polish underneath. POO. I’m not sure if I accidentally got some coloured polish in the bottle or if something else went wrong, but unless I can think of another use for it, I’m just gonna toss it. I already knew that a lot of my other top coats don’t work for decals. Most of them distort the images or “melt” the stamp on the stamper. So I wondered if I could make the decals using my matte or satin matte top coat. I figured it would work since they don’t drag nail art, so I gave it a shot. I made the decals a day ahead of time because I’m afraid I’ll be too impatient while I’m doing my nails and mess them up and have to start over. Let me show you the end result before I get into the nitty gritty :)

Magnetic Polish with Butterfly Reverse Stamping

Magnetic Polish with Butterfly Reverse Stamping

Magnetic Polish with Butterfly Reverse StampingI started off with my usual L.A. Girl base coat to protect my nails. I painted one thick coat of magnetic polish on all of my nails. This polish was a gift from Leeza. It was the oldest untried in my stash and I really felt I should get around to using it. It has probably been standing there for almost 2 years. It just says “Magnetic Nail Polish” on the bottle and doesn’t have any name. The chevron magnet is on top of the lid of the bottle. On my index and pinkie I painted quite a thick coat, turned the brush around and held the magnet super close to my nail. I don’t find that the magnets are conducive to the curve of a nail. I think a curved magnet would do much better as I can never seem to get the magnetic effect right down to the sides of my nails. I didn’t use the magnet on my middle and ring nails because I knew I was going to cover them with the decals. I made the decals using the top image on PUEEN 39 which has some beautiful butterflies and essence wild white ways. I am completely in love with this white creme from essence and the fact that it stamps is just a huge bonus! It’s not super opaque, but it certainly shows up well, even on this dark colour. I filled in the largest butterfly with essence I don’t need money, honey. The pink butterfly is China Glaze Neon & On & On and the green butterfly is L.A. Girl Leap. I used my essense Satin Matte top coat to seal the stamp and left it to dry overnight. When I used the decals the following day they were quite brittle and I had to be very careful not to tear them. I am not sure if using them immediately after they had dried would have made a difference. I might just try that next time. I still felt like it needed a little something extra…so I added Catrice Glitterazzi over the butterflies. When Glitterazzi flashed blue it looks so cool with the I don’t need money, honey butterfly! I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite. I only top coated the magnetic nails once they were dry as you can lose some of the magnetic effect otherwise.

What do you think of these? Tell me about a workaround you’ve had to use when your nail art supplies failed you in the comments below!




Ginkgo Spa Review + GIVEAWAY!

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Hi everyone! Today I want to tell you about my experience with Ginkgo Spa at Steenberg in Tokai. At the CT Meetup my friend Taryn from Coffee Couture and I both won massages from Ginkgo Spa. It was towards the end of the giveaway section of the event and I thought I was probably not going to win something that day…until I did! I could not have been happier with my prize! Mama needs to get her relaxation on! There may have been squeals of excitement and I think that I may have done a little happy dance on my way up to collect my envelope.

Taryn and I set out for the long drive from the northern suburbs to Tokai where the Steenberg branch of Ginkgo Spa is situated on the Steenberg Wine Estate. Yes. It’s far. In true Capetonian style we even stopped for refreshments on the way there. Road trip! We were so very excited to finally be going to get our massage on! We were welcomed in the reception area and shown to the locker room. One of our therapists explained to us that we could change into our robes and slippers before we could go and fill out our questionnaire in the lounge area. The form included questions about our health, preferences and if there were any areas that the therapists could concentrate on.

Ginkgo Spa

Clockwise from top left: Reception area, Product Selection, fireplace, Lounge area

In the lounge area we were served chai tea in tiny little cups. I was also offered a glass of water as I mentioned that I have a headache. The therapist came in with a cream that she applied to my temples to try and help relieve my headache along with the water. I thought this was incredibly sweet of her. She listened to my needs and did what she could to help. I don’t like water generally, but this water was infused with lemon and it was delicious and refreshing. If water always tasted this good, I might actually drink it! The chai tea was milky and had a beautiful cinnamon flavour. On the one hand I was sorry the cup was so small, on the other hand I was grateful. Nobody wants to stop in the middle of a massage to go to the loo. It was my first taste of chai tea and I really liked it!

Ginkgo Spa

Clockwise from top left: Entrance, pre-massage excited faces, gorgeous locker room, embroidered towel

In no time at all we were led away into a treatment room. We were given the option of being alone or together for our massages and we opted to stay together. This means that couples massages are completely possible! I have wanted to have a couples massage before and it was really hard finding a place to accommodate my husband and I (admittedly I looked mostly in the northern suburbs). Our treatment room was right at the end of the passage and labeled ‘Jasmine’. This boded well as Jasmine is one of my favourite scents, although the rooms are not named for how they smell 😉

Ginkgo Spa Treatment Room

Top: Massage Table Bottom: Awesome bath in the treatment room

We were left alone to lay ourselves down on the treatment tables and cover ourselves with towels. The beds and room were nicely warmed up, so even though we were mostly naked and it is freezing in Cape Town, it didn’t bother me in the least. Our therapists came and introduced themselves. My therapist also asked me if I minded if she massaged my head. I had my hair in a tight bun and she removed the pins and elastics. I offered to help, but she declined. I am very sensitive on my head, at most hairdressers I brush my own hair to avoid tears, but my therapist was gentle and didn’t hurt me at all. Phew! Soon I was in massage heaven! I was massaged from the tips of my toes to the hair follicles on my head. Seriously. When we were changing into our robes I wondered aloud whether I should take out my earrings and decided against it, but even my earlobes got a rub! My therapist did not only use her hands, but also her forearms to massage me. Her hands were so nice and warm, it was exquisite! While we were being massaged we spoke about problem areas. I mentioned my neck and shoulder pain and Taryn mentioned the dry skin she had from the medication she is currently taking. The therapists were quiet and respectful. Taryn and I would chat at intervals, but at times we were just too relaxed to say anything. All too soon our massages were over. I was tucked into the blankets on the bed. I haven’t been tucked in since I was a child. It was SO nice to be tucked in again! What a spoil! I had completely forgotten what it feels like and pleasant childhood memories washed over me. I was rolled to the side from both sides to give my muscles a good stretch. My feet were washed with a nice hot wash cloth. This is amazing attention to detail, since I would have been slipping around in my shoes if my feet had just been slathered with cream and left that way. This is a common post pedi/massage problem! We were offered water and given the option to lay in the treatment room in our cocoons or to go and relax in the lounge area. We lay in the treatment room for a while and the ladies returned with more of that delicious lemon infused water and products recommended for the problems we had mentioned during treatment. Even though they were quiet, they were listening to our concerns about our bodies and hand picked products to suit our needs. Very awesome! I was tucked into my cocoon so well I had to get out of it like a sleeping bag! We slipped on our robes and toddled back off to the locker room to be reunited with our phones. There were a couple of fireplaces in the spa that warmed up the entire place. The fires not only kept us warm, but added to the relaxing atmosphere. We walked around the spa snapping pictures of everything before retiring to the lounge while deciding where we would go next.

Ginkgo Spa

Clockwise from top left: View when leaving the spa, post massage silliness, bubbles at the bistro, happy faces


We decided that we could NOT visit a wine farm without going to enjoy some of their wine, so we headed off to the Steenberg Bistro 1682. What a lovely restaurant! The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The staff friendly and helpful. If it had been a warm day I definitely think we would have sat outside by the water. We had some bubbles and shared a cheese platter before we had to trek back to reality. Surely such a wonderful, relaxing day called for a bubbly celebration!

We really had a wonderful time. We were treated like VIPs at the spa and really made to feel pampered and special. I’ve already spoken to Rudi about going back less than 24 hours after leaving! Now for the exciting part! Ginkgo has graciously sponsored an Elixir massage for one of you to enjoy! A full body 50 minute massage valued at R570! Who can pass that up?! All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter widget below to stand a chance to win this prize!

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Some T’s and C’s for the giveaway:

  • Ginkgo spas are located in Tokai, Sea Point and Arniston so you will need to be able to travel to one of these locations in order to claim your prize.
  • The voucher will be sent to the winner via e-mail.
  • All entries will be checked.
  • No giveaway accounts.
  • Leaving a comment on this post is the only mandatory entry

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When Blogging Was Easy

My blog is set to turn 10 years old on the 27th of July 2015. TEN YEARS OF BLOGGING. A decade. Wow. When I sat and typed up my first blog post on a different platform, I never would have thought that I would still be blogging in 2015. About a month ago I was inspired by a fellow blogger to go back to that very first blog and read some of my old posts. I delved into my wedding planning archives and was surprised by how young I sounded. Almost childish, despite being on the verge of getting married at the age of 26. I didn’t know it then, but less than 3 years after getting married we would have lost our first child and less than 4 years after the wedding we would welcome our next child into the world. Just shy of 3 years after that our last child was born. I also wrote extensively about my problems with my mother. I blogged through my grandfather’s terminal illness and the grief of losing my father figure and hero. So much has happened in my life in the last 10 years and I will always have this blog to go back and to read about these things. When I was younger I tried to keep a diary. I don’t know how many times I tried to write things down, but it never panned out. I just couldn’t journal consistently, but I did want to somehow have things available for me to look back on. Actually I wanted to write, period. In school I dreamt of being a writer. I obviously did not realize the talent and skill required.

10 Year Bloggiversary

Blogging solved my problem of writing regularly and having a place where I enjoyed keeping record of my life. Maybe the difference was that I could actually type instead of writing everything on paper. When I was little my mother used to be a typist, I remember she let me play on her computer with its DOS based operating system. Floppy disks were still a thing and I saved things I had typed out on them. My preferred method of keeping a journal must have been born there since the failed attempts came after this. I tentatively started a blog, not sure exactly what I would do with it. If you had asked me then if I see myself still doing it in 10 years time, I doubt I would have said yes. My first post was only a sentence long! Things have certainly changed since then!

That was all I ever expected of my blog. It was all I ever hoped my blog to be. Other bloggers emerged and soon they were a dime a dozen. I read other blogs and enjoy them. I often feel like my blog is inferior, not because of numbers/stats/followers, but the writing style alone. Although having an audience is wonderful, being validated is magical and comments are the best thing since sliced bread…I still blog for me. I don’t blog to impress anyone, but I do want people to read what I write. I don’t blog to get free samples or be featured anywhere. That does happen sometimes and when it does it is awesome, but it isn’t why I do this. I have made friends online through my blog and I love that. Now there is so much happening in the blogging world, specifically around brands and marketing and there are so many bloggers that it all feels…forced. There is so much pressure. There is so much amazing writing. “Quality content” is the buzzword of the day and I find myself asking whether anything I write can be classified as such. Not to attract brands, but to make people want to read what I write. I don’t blog about “hot topics” or “10 things to do before you’re 40″. I just write about me. I’m still surprised when people actually do read it. I’ve ran into people at blogging events who ask my blog name and when they say “Oh yes! I know who you are! I read the post you wrote about….” I am truly taken aback. Someone once quoted something I had written in person and it was so surreal.

I think the best course of action here is to just do me. To remain true to myself and to blog about what I feel passionate about. I sensor a lot of stuff on my blog. I don’t write about sex. I’ve stopped swearing as much as I did early on (I did it A LOT on my old blog, I never realized this until I went back and read it). I don’t really blog about my mother anymore because we have infrequent contact and I avoid it. I don’t blog about work, let’s face it…that can get you fired. I would rather err on the side of caution. I blog my nails and my life. I’ll admit the nail blogging started because I refused to put my time and patience into something that didn’t “last” and the only way I could figure out to immortalize my efforts was to blog my manis and I really love doing it. There will be plenty more where that came from. Sorry not sorry 😉 I do struggle with the “life” posts sometimes. I don’t know what to write about and I think maybe another blog challenge to fill up my Wednesday slots will be good for greasing the wheels.

For all of those who read here thank you so much and…wpid-wp-1436952892056.jpeg

How do you feel about the “blogging climate” in the world and in South Africa right now? I would love to hear your views in the comments below!


Hean Ordinary Misfit

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Hey everyone! Today I have another mani created from the wonderful secret Santa box that I received from Because I Can. I just couldn’t wait till I’ve published my post showing you all the goodies on the 31st before diving into the pretties and using them! I was so super excited to discover a Hean Ordinary Misfit in my SS box! It was on my wishlist and I wanted it not only because it is a gorgeous colour, but also for sentimental reasons. You know by now Ordinary Misfit and I are friends, so owning her blog’s namesake polish was a no brainer :) Let me show you what I did with her!Hean Ordinary Misfit and 2true Shade 7 stamped with bornpretty BP-L003Hean Ordinary Misfit and 2true Shade 7 stamped with bornpretty BP-L003Hean Ordinary Misfit and 2true Shade 7 stamped with bornpretty BP-L003


I started off with my L.A. Girl base coat to protect my nails. Somehow when planning this mani I complicated it so much. I realized afterwards that there was an easier way to do it and kicked myself. I painted 2 coats of Ordinary Misfit on my index and middle nails. This polish has the most divine formula. It is buttery goodness personified in polish. It is a dusty pink that definitely has a place in my sea of pink polishes. I painted 2 coats of 2True Shade 7 on my ring and pinkie nails. Shade 7 is a very fine glitter that is practically opaque in 1 coat. It also has a beautiful copper shift in certain light. I did flood my cuticles with this polish a few times while painting, but I feel like the finish and gorgeous colour were totally worth any clean up effort required. Once that was dry I taped off the triangles on my middle and ring nails and painted them alternating the colours, removing the tape immediately. Once that was dry I taped the triangles off again and stamped using essence black stampy polish and BP-L003. I sealed everything in with a coat of Seche Vite. Afterwards I realized it would have been easier to stamp the entire nail before taping off sections and then just filling in the solid pieces. Duh.

I hope you like what I came up with :) Have you ever complicated something that should have been simple to do if you had just thought of it? Let me know in the comments below!


MoYou London Princess 10

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Hi everyone! Today I want to show you a mani I created with gifts I received in my secret Santa box for Nail Anarchy Christmas in July. I’ll have a post up about the box I received on the last Friday of this month with our Christmas in July nail challenge posts :) One of the gifts I received was my very first MoYou London stamping plate! I was SO excited! I really love the plate my secret Santa chose and couldn’t wait to try it out! Here is a photo of the plate (Princess 10):

MoYou Princess 10 Stamping Plate

MoYou Princess 10 Stamping Plate

MoYou London Princess Collection 10 and Loose GlitterMoYou London Princess Collection 10 and Loose GlitterMoYou London Princess Collection 10 and Loose GlitterI started off with an L.A. Girl base coat to protect my nails. Unfortunately neither of the purple polishes I used have names. The lilac is a Revolution polish that I received as a gift. My friend left the country and passed on all her polish to me. A lot of them were gloopy. I tried to fix this one with thinner, but it seems hopeless. I will test it for stamping and if it doesn’t work I am afraid I’ll have to toss it. The dark purple I received in my secret Santa box. It is a deep plum colour and the brand name on the bottle is Glintz. I was going to do a glitter placement accent nail, but I dropped the first piece of glitter onto my nail and couldn’t move it. I tried a pattern and couldn’t get it to look good, so I decided to cover the entire nail with the loose glitter. There are probably 5 coats of top coat holding those suckers together. Once the gradient had dried on my other nails I used Tip Top Armour Plate and the MoYou London Princess 10 plate to stamp the same image on all of my nails. I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite. Ta da!

I would love to hear what you think if this in the comments below :)



That Time I Went to the Chiropractor

Hi everyone!

I have mentioned the trouble that I am having with my neck/shoulders before, but saved the details for this post as I had not yet finished treatment. For the past 4 years at least that I can remember my shoulders would go into spasm. Normally I would get a voltaren shot and it would be fine for a while. Sometimes it would be fine for months. I couldn’t isolate that it was triggered by anything specific, so I just treated it when it happened.

About 5 months ago it happened again. I popped off to the pharmacy to get anti inflammatories and muscle relaxants to try and sort it out. After 2 weeks of taking meds daily I still found no relief. Some days it was so bad I could not lift my right arm to touch my eyebrow. I decided to go to a physio to try and get some help. The physio tried a few different methods of treatment uncluding massage, dry needling and traction. At my fourth session the physio advised me she thinks I need to see a chiropractor. Fortunately we have a chiropractor on site at work, so I was able to make appointments and see her without having to go after work or leaving work during the day to have it seen to. I went for an assessment at the chiro and the news was not good. Over time my head had shifted just over 6 cm forward due to bad posture. Where my head weighs about 9 kg, the angle at which it was now putting pressure on my spine was calculated at 63.5 kg. No wonder my neck and shoulders just couldn’t take it anymore.

The chiropractor advised me that a treatment plan was needed to try and correct my posture which would in turn relieve the pressure on my spine and should then sort out the muscles going into spasm all the time. At the time the treatment would amount to almost R5 000 and it wasn’t really something I could afford, but I decided to make concessions elsewhere to try and get out of the cycle of chronic pain. I claimed half of the treatment from my medical aid savings account and the rest I scraped together. I had about 16 appointments with regular dry needling to release the spasm. After the treatment I would have relief for a few days and the muscles would just jump right back into spasm. I remained unmedicated for the duration of my treatment as I was able to handle the pain. I suspect the relief from the needles was enough for me not to take anything for further relief.

During treatment I started receiving compliments at work about my posture. People would randomly tell me how good my posture is. It is hard work. It was painful trying to keep myself upright all the time, strengthening my core and consciously trying not to slouch. Some days, especially if I was unwell for other reasons, I would get tired and end up slouching at the end of the day. I made an effort not to and tried very hard to keep my posture upright and my head back. It still is hard to do this. I stay aware of my posture and do my best not to undo the treatment and posture correction. I have always wanted to have better posture and now I do. After the treatment my head is now only shifted 0.71 cm forward and putting 15 kg pressure on my spine. This is a huge improvement! It is still a daily struggle to keep everything straight up and I hope one day it will come naturally. It took me years to alter my body into a slouch, so it might just take a while for all the muscles/joints/ligaments to correct themselves as well.

Problem is….my muscles in my neck and shoulders are still in spasm. It is still very painful and I am all out of money trying to fix it. I recently went to the doctor because I had an eye infection. I mentioned the spasm to him, he felt it and prescribed schedule 5 anti inflammatories and painkillers. Those are finished. While they helped for a while, the pain is back and I’m on over the counter meds again. My GP said this is definitely not normal and I need to have an x ray done to see if they can pinpoint what is causing it and see if they can fix it. I would go in a heartbeat, if I could still afford to. I’m going to have to wait till I have some extra money (HA HA HA) or until the medical aid resets. I don’t like taking the over the counter meds because they have horrid side effects, but sometimes I am desperate enough to resort to them. Like now. I discussed the having the x ray with my chiropractor. At first she said it would be pointless since she knows what’s wrong, but after thinking about it said she would send me with a form ordering the x ray so that we can get a better look. She does not think it will change the treatment plan, but reckons a medical doctor would likely recommend surgery to fix it. I told her that I am at a point where I am willing to have surgery to get it sorted out. I am always sore and uncomfortable. It is horrible. She mentioned that one of the top neurosurgeons in America doesn’t do neck surgery at all anymore. Apparently 5 years after having surgery there is no difference between patients who have had surgery and those who have not. Where does that leave me? :(

I have asked Rudi not to let Elijah sleep in our bed since I sleep very uncomfortably when there are 4 of us in the bed and usually wake up in more pain than I was. It seems to be making it worse, although I’m pretty sure it isn’t the cause. I can’t sleep badly every single day and the symptoms cannot be so persistent.

When they went back into spasm the other day, I was nauseous from the pain. Some days I have just sat and cried because I’m really tired of being in pain every single day. I really need to get this sorted out. Why is money so damn evil?! I really hope it is nothing serious and that I can have it fixed and won’t be stuck like this for the rest of my life.

I really enjoyed my chiropractic treatment. My chiropractor was also a really fun person and we got a long well. She taught me things about my body that I didn’t know and helped me improve my posture, BUT I’m still in pain. I know she has done everything she could, but with my limited finances it wasn’t enough. Have you ever seen a chiropractor? Were they able to help you?


Bestie Twin Nails with Pish Posh Polish





Hi everyone! Today I have a Bestie Twin Nails post with none other than the fabulous Pish Posh Polish! Pish and I met on  Facebook in a nail group. Pish regularly does Twin Nail posts and I was so flattered when she asked me if I would like to do one with her. Excited and super nervous. Pish is an amazingly talented nail artist and I have huge insecurity issues. Pish suggested what we should do. Poor woman was limited to my available collection. As she is in the US she has easy access to so many gorgeous indies and polishes I can only dream of having, so we really had to work around what I have available. We did the best we could.Nimbus Butterfly Wing Nail Art

I started off with my L.A. Girl base coat to protect my nails. I painted my middle and ring nail with 2 coats of essence wild white ways (gift from Coffee Couture). I am TOTALLY in love with this white! It went on like butter and gave beautiful coverage in just one coat. 1 coat was certainly enough as a base for nail art, but my OCD made me paint 2 anyway. On my pinkie and index I painted 2 coats of Revlon Girly (gift). Once my white bases were dry I tried to create Nimbus nail art using China Glaze Are You Jelly? and You Drive Me Coconuts. Nimbus nail art was invented by The Nailasaurus and you can find her tutorial here. Once I had achieved the look I wanted (sort of), I realized that Girly didn’t really match with the neons. The idea was to do jelly sandwiches on the pinky and index, so I found a solution. I painted a coat of You Drive Me Coconuts on my pinky over Girly. Luckily YDMC is a jelly, so it still retained the jelly sandwich look. On my index nail I covered Girly with a coat of Dollish Polish Purple Nurples. Over the Nimbus nails I used black acrylic paint and a striping brush to paint the butterfly wing design. I used white acrylic for the dots  on the bottom of the wings. Here are some solo shots of my nails:Nimbus Butterfly Wing Nail ArtNimbus Butterfly Wing Nail ArtI really hope you enjoyed this post. I know for sure Pish and I will be doing this again in the future. We would really love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

You can also find Pish on Instagram and Twitter :)


Wild and Willing





Hi everyone! The mani I’m showing you today was born out of frustration and I ended up loving it! Now that the PPSA Nail Challenge is over I was at a complete loss as to what to do with my nails. Zero inspiration. I tried something and ended up hating it so much I took it off before I even put a top coat on. I had been staring at my shelves all day trying to figure out what to do, so didn’t really have a Plan B. I looked around some more and grabbed Color Club Wild and Willing from my untried shelf. I had swatched it on my wheel earlier in the day while looking for options and felt like stamping something, so this happened:Color Club Wild and Willing stamped with BP-L003

Color Club Wild and Willing stamped with BP-L003

Color Club Wild and Willing stamped with BP-L003

Color Club Wild and Willing stamped with BP-L003 I started off with my L.A. Girl base coat to protect my nails. I painted 2 coats of Wild and Willing on all of my nails. Wild and Willing has fine colour shifting micro flakies in it and is opaque in 2 coats. When searching for swatches I found a lot of bloggers layered it over black and the results are amazing! Check out this swatch to see the amazing colour shift. The photos above were taking in my lightbox with natural sunlight, which is perhaps why I look like an oompa loompa with orange skin and why the colour shift isn’t shown nicely on the nails. It does translate well onto the nail though as you can see from the swatch post I linked to. I stamped with Revlon Gel Envy Royal Flush (press sample) using an image from bornprettystore plate BP-L003. I can’t wait to use more images from this plate! I’m absolutely in love with it! I thought to stamp in pink because of the pink colour shift in Wild and Willing. To finish off the design I added gold half round metal ball studs to the centre of each flower in the stamp using top coat to adhere them. I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite.

I was so pleased with how these turned out. Usually when I don’t plan my nails in advance I end up not liking the result. This was a breath of fresh air! I do think when I wear Wild and Willing again I will layer it over black to get a more intense colour shift. What do you think of this design? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :)



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