Born Pretty Store Metal Nail Decoration Review

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Hi everyone! I have another Born Pretty Store review for you today. I just LOVE doing these reviews and having the opportunity to try out the new nail art goodies that they have to offer. I shop at Born Pretty Store often, they have such a huge variety to choose from, their prices are reasonable and I don’t have to sell a kidney on the black market for shipping. I do pay $3.00 for a tracking number to South Africa, but shipping is free! Born Pretty Store is actually huge and offers a LOT more than just nail art paraphernalia. They have everything from scarves to decor for your house! You really should check them out. For today’s review I was sent 5 beautiful flat metal nail decorations to show you. Here is the mani I came up with:

Born Pretty Store Flat Metal Nail Decoration

Born Pretty Store Flat Metal Nail DecorationI started off with an L.A. Girl base coat to protect my nails. I painted 2 coats of the Accessorize polish pictured above. Unfortunately the polish has no name, but I would like to note that it lives up to the promise on the cap of the bottle. This polish was completely opaque in ONE coat. You gotta love a good one coater! I don’t even have to wonder if I’ll be able to stamp with this one, I’m willing to bet money that it can. These decorations come in packs of 5 and there are 5 different designs to choose from. You can see and buy them here. I learnt a few things about using these while doing this mani, so I have a couple of tips to share with you. The decorations are very pliable and bend easily. I was silly and tried to bend them to fit over my c curve after I painted my nails and my polish wasn’t 100% dry yet. You can see that the polish seeped through the decoration a bit, that was totally my fault! I would recommend choosing where you would like to place the decoration before you start painting. Place the decoration on your nail and bend it to fit your c curve. This will make application a breeze later on. I added a little clear top coat over the metallic blue and adhered the decoration onto my nail. You’ll notice that the decorations look different. They are actually exactly the same, but one is rotated. A completely different look using exactly the same decorations! Whoop! I sealed in the design with 2 generous coats of Seche Vite. Because I didn’t bend the decorations well, I didn’t manage to seal the edges of one of them with the top coat and I did manage to snag it often. You live and you learn. These removed with ease and I am happy to report that the gold colouring did not come off when they came into contact with acetone. This means you can use them again. Now that is value for money!

I really like the way these looked and I would like to get one or two of the other shapes for myself as well. What do you think of these? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below. Born Pretty DiscountDon’t forget you can use my affiliate link in the sidebar on the right to register on Born Pretty Store, as well as my 10% discount code for non discounted items :)








Blessings Among The Trials

The strangest thing is happening in my life. We are in the tightest financial position we’ve been in since my mother put me in such a deep financial hole that we didn’t have food over 8 years ago. Wow. That sounded bad, but it is the reality of what it was at the time. We aren’t starving and the bills are paid, but there are no frills at the moment and the fact that I didn’t have a car payment completely saved our bums over these last few months, but that is all about to change.

As my readers will know I had to buy a new car, then this past week my washing machine packed up. It was like the motor just conked in and was not strong enough to pump out the water anymore.  Doing laundry was chaos. There were buckets involved and McGyver’ing of pipes. Only problem was that we had zero flexibility in our budget to purchase a washing machine, even if we put it on the budget on my credit card. The installment still needs to be paid. I was speaking to my mother about this and she said she would buy the washing machine for me. That I should put it on the budget on my credit card and she would hand over the monthly installment for me before the end of each month. Of course, I know that I cannot trust her to give me the money. I might as well draw up a contract on toilet paper, use it and flush it down the drain. That is how much it is worth. She got extremely upset with me for even suggesting that she wouldn’t hold up her end of the bargain and went on about how she needs a chance to prove herself to me again and that she can’t get me to trust her if I don’t give her an opportunity. I slept on this and then decided that I could take a calculated risk. The washing machine had to be bought, no two ways about it. I figured even if she pays it for the first month or two, by that time Rudi would have been permanently appointed and we would be able to afford the installment on our own. So I purchased the washing machine.

We bought a 13 kg Samsung top loader. Our old one had a 7 kg capacity. Upgrading to a larger one was actually long overdue since the size of our family has doubled since the first one was purchased. I found it on special at Game, but they didn’t have stock. I went to Hi-Fi Corporation, they had the same machine on special for R 200.00 more. I asked them to match Game’s price, but the manager refused at first because Game didn’t have stock. What a dick move. I said I would wait for stock or source one from another branch.  They quickly changed their minds and gave the machine to me at the same price I would have paid at Game. Sorted.

Leebeesa has just married her true love and they are emigrating to Ireland at the end of this month. Consequently they are selling all the contents of their house. Unfortunately they had already sold the washing machine by the time mine conked in, but they did have an awesome Coricraft couch they were trying to sell. Rudi and I still had a hand me down couch and a large couch we bought from my mother second hand when we moved in together. I had told Rudi that we could buy a lounge suite once we no longer had a cat, since she would just claw the crap out of it. Amber has been gone for quite some time and he has been trying to hold me to that promise. He was eyeing a 20 k leather lounge suite for YEARS. Literally. I told him about the couch Leebeesa was selling and he seemed interested and went to look at it while I was at work one day. We decided to take it. I had to suck the funds out of my savings (which have halved in the last few months), but it is a reasonably new high quality couch at a price we just couldn’t pass up.


On Saturday our downstairs neighbour was kind enough to help us collect the couch and washing machine. He has a nice big double cab bakkie (pick up truck) and a trailor, so we managed to get everything in one trip. When we got home we discovered that the washing machine just didn’t fit underneath our counter like our old one did. Rudi wanted to chop the counter, but I was dead set against this as we are renting. So we played tetris in our kitchen and started shifting around appliances. Our dishwasher is now standing where the washing machine used to and the washing machine where the dishwasher used to stand. The tumble dryer used to be on top of the dishwasher and obviously we cannot put it on top of a top loader, so it has been exiled into a corner in the lounge. Oh to have more space! Rudi was a great handyman getting everything reconnected and all the pipes and things sorted. The couch was also moved into the lounge and it really is a winner! It is an L shaped couch and the one part is perfect for me to lay and breastfeed Gabby, while the boys can comfortably fit on the other side. It’s wonderful! Check it out:

Coricraft L Shaped Couch

Plenty of space now!


Just a small size difference

In other news, Rudi has been informed that as of 1 June he is permanently employed at his new job! This is a HUGE relief and hopefully means this is the last month that money is so tight. Next month is going to be really tough as Rudi hasn’t worked all week. Apparently there is very little work at the moment and I suspect the agents are giving preference to those who will not be permanently employed soon when the work does come through. At least once Rudi is permanent he will receive a basic salary and we have a guaranteed income from him. No more worrying about whether he is going to work or not. I am so grateful, it is a huge relief for me. I am a worrier by nature and I take a lot of strain when there is uncertainty in our lives.

So somehow, we have acquired all these new things, while the going was really tough. Let’s hope we can stay on the upward swing!


Born Pretty Store Review – 3D Nail Art Stickers

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Hi everyone! I have another Born Pretty Store review for you today :) I really enjoy doing these posts. If you’re a regular reader, you already know that I’m a big fan of Born Pretty Store products and that I shop there often for my nail art supplies. Today I have some 3 D nail art stickers to show you. When I opened the package I was really surprised by the sheer size of the sheet I received. Have a look how big it is!Born Pretty Store 3 D Nail Art StickersThere is a large variety of patterns to choose from on this sheet. Have a look:Born Pretty Store 3 D Nail Art Stickers

Born Pretty Store 3 D Nail Art StickersSo many! Stickers are probably the easiest way to get some funky nail looks going. They are easy to use, you don’t need to wait for them to dry and they stay on your nails if you seal them in with top coat. Some of these stickers are too big for my nails, but I do often use stickers on my toes since I can’t be bothered to take the time to do any art on my toes, so I’m sure some of the bigger stickers would work for that. There are also quite a few lines of stickers that are attached to each other. This is nice because you could use them to do a french tip on your nails OR you could cut them away from each other to use them as individual patterns, which is what I did for my mani. Let me show you what I came up with:essence kiss me, freddy and bornprettystore 3D Nail Art Stickers

essence kiss me, freddy and bornprettystore 3D Nail Art StickersHow beautiful does that look? I started out with my usual Tip Top base coat to protect my nails. I painted 2 coats of essence kiss me, freddy on all of my nails. Kiss me, freddy is a shimmery mint green polish. The finish is hard to describe. It isn’t a foil or a glitter, maybe somewhere in between. It is a really pretty polish and is unique in my collection. I let the base dry well. Be patient! If you stick down stickers on a wet or tacky base they can wrinkle or sink into the polish and you just end up with a very messy look. I peeled the stickers off the clear backing and applied them with a tweezer. This allows you to place them exactly where you want them with ease and you don’t touch the sticky part of the sticker with your fingers, which can cause them not to stick down well. I sealed everything in with a coat of Seche Vite and voila! A quick and easy manicure :) These stickers also removed quite easily. I’ve worn very stubborn stickers before, but these just required a little extra rubbing.

If you’re paying close attention, you’ll notice that I used one of these stickers for my Mother’s Day nails as well. I used on of the heart stickers on my middle nail as an accent. Here’s a photo reminder:

Revlon Coy and Pink GlazeSomeone actually told me that the heart sticker looked like a stud. 3 D effect indeed! I have difficulty with large studs in the middle of my nail as they are not pliable and don’t mold to my c curve, with stickers that is completely eliminated, so it is nice to get the effect of a stud, without any hassle. If you would like to buy this sheet, you may click here. Don’t forget you can use my affiliate link in the sidebar on the right to register on Born Pretty Store, as well as my 10% discount code for non discounted items :)Born Pretty DiscountWhat do you think of this mani? Do you every use nail stickers or shop at Born Pretty Store? Let me know in the comments below!


Satin Matte Roses

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Hi everyone! Recently I hosted a baby shower for my bestie and she bought me a gift to say thank you. So sweet! She bought me a beautiful necklace that I had eyed while we were on a shopping trip together months ago as well the essence satin matte top coat that she knew I wanted, but I couldn’t buy right now. I was excited to try the satin matte effect, so my very next mani I decided to use it! Let me show you what I came up with.

L'Oreal Shocking Pink with essence satin matte top coat

L'Oreal Shocking Pink with essence satin matte top coat

I started off with my usual Tip Top base coat. I painted 2 coats of L’Oreal Shocking Pink (gift) on all of my nails. Once that was dry I used my Born Pretty Store plate BP-03 (press sample) and Sinful Colors Black on Black to stamp the rose images on all of my nails. The roses on my ring nail are stamped individually as it is a small individual image on the plate. I was quite pleased with my stamping aim! I let it sit for a minute and for the first time realized that this top coat is not my beloved Seche and might just drag my stamping. With this in mind I applied essence satin matte top coat and floated my brush and it didn’t drag AT ALL. I was so chuffed! It also dried quite quickly. If you’re wondering what the difference between satin matte and matte is, Ordinary Misfit has a lovely comparison with photos here that show you the difference between the two.

I really loved wearing this mani! I was fascinated by the finish. It is definitely a winner. I also wore this to the #CTMeetUp and received compliments all around :) I would love to hear your thoughts on this look in the comments below. Have you ever tried a satin matte polish? Do you like the finish?



#CTMeetUp May 2015

Hi everyone! On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend another blogging event arranged and hosted by the incredible Cindy from 3 Kids 2 Dogs 1 Old House. This is the 3rd event I have been to and they never disappoint! Our venue was the Italian Kitchen in Newlands. I managed to drag a friend along this time. My friend Taryn from Coffee Couture joined me and agreed to be my designated driver. Score! At one of the other meet ups there was wine and even though I only had 2 glasses I’m such a lightweight I didn’t feel sober. It’s what happens when you’re pregnant/breastfeeding for years on end. You lose the ability to hold your liquor. Excuse me? No. It has nothing to do with getting old.

I digress. We arrived to a small area outside of the restaurant which was abuzz with bloggers from all over Cape Town who blog about anything you can imagine. From knitting to food, beauty and travel, there was something there for every reader. In the corner there was a table and as I was heading over to greet our hostess I was intercepted by Desmond from Rain Africa. Desmond asked me if I would like a massage. He didn’t have to ask again. He led me to a chair and offered me some variants of buttery goodness for my massage. As I am already a huge fan of Rain’s aloe and avo range, I chose it in a heartbeat! Desmond has magical hands. I threatened to take him home with me. He was also very charming. I didn’t know it until after the meetup, but someone caught me on camera enjoying my massage:

Massages at #CTmeetup

A photo posted by Liezel Wakens (@bakedinthecape) on


Do you see that? The utter look of ecstacy on my face? It was so amazing! I really enjoyed that! We stood around, mingled, drank wine and ate a few snacks as there were platters for us to graze from while we waited to go into the restaurant. It was really nice to see so many familiar faces and to meet a couple of bloggers who I had been wanting to connect with. We moved into the restaurant area where we all settled in to our seats and Cindy started introduce the speakers. I’ll tell you a little about what they said:

First up was Melissa Louise from Zana. She told us about Zana and what they do. Zana does almost anything you can think of that involves fabric, from fashion to furniture. Did you know that you can shop online for both local and international delivery? Want to give a gift to your expat friend? How cool is that? You should definitely check their site out, they have some awfully rad things on there! Melissa also handed out beautiful pencil cases made from Zana’s signature fabrics. Thank you Zana!

Next up was Jenny Coulson from Zomato.I must be honest, I didn’t even know what Zomato is. Zomato is an app that helps you pick a restaurant nearby you, or search for a restaurant of your choice if you know where you want to go. This is not the coolest thing about this app. The app also gives you an average of what you will pay for 2 people and you can even view the menu from the comfort of your home! This is seriously cool!  I don’t get a lot of opportunity for date nights, but with this app I can plan one and insist. I can, can’t I? I think I shall! You can create a profile on the app to review/rate and post pictures of your dining experience. This will obviously help others when they are scouting out restaurants. Zomato also has weekly dinners where they invite users of the app to gather for an evening. This really is something special. I have been schooled. You can find Zomato in your app store :)

Last, but certainly not least was Ronel Botes from Rain Africa. I am already a huge fan of Rain products, their aloe and avo hand butter is a MUST HAVE for me in winter to save my hands and cuticles from destruction. Anyhow, you could tell how passionate Ronel is about their company. What really stood out for me was how Rain is interested in sharing their journey to success as opposed to just punting their products. Let’s be honest, their products are amazing and sell themselves. Ronel spoke about the ladies that were assisting with the massages at the event, how Rain has created opportunities for them to become qualified therapists. They started out working in the Rain factory making products, cutting soap and so on, but through their hard working careers at Rain have had an opportunity to uplift themselves and become more than they ever expected. Ronel urged us to check out the YouTube channel where you can see fascinating and moving videos about the stories of their hunts for ingredients, their spa treatments and their people. I enjoyed the following video of the Rain factory singing (quite beautifully I might add!):

The venue started rolling out rectangular pizzas for the guests to enjoy. They were quite something. super thin crusts with delicious toppings and when last have you seen a pizza that isn’t round? Paired with the red wine I was thoroughly enjoying (sponsored by Cindy’s employer, Incompass Insurance) and the wonderful company I was surrounded by, it was making for a lovely afternoon indeed. Cindy put on her Oprah hat and started with the giveaways. I really love this part! The sponsors always provide amazing prizes and it is just so much fun watching bloggers being rewarded for all the hard work they put into their blogs. Towards the end of the giveaway I was certain I would probably not win anything, but I was in for a wonderful surprise. I won a full body massage at GinkgoSpa! My friend Taryn won the same prize (as there were a few up for grabs) and we have already booked our appointment for Sunday. I am ridiculously excited! A full body massage isn’t something I would spoil myself with, since I would much rather spend the money on buying clothes for the kids or plugging a hole that needs filling, so this is an incredible treat for me. Look out for a review soon 😉

All too soon it was time to depart. I was having so much fun I didn’t want to leave! This is always the case with Cindy’s blogging events. If you see her send out a bulletin, be sure to grab a ticket. I begged and borrowed to afford my ticket this time around, not because they are expensive, but because we’re in a bit of a financial crunch at home. No regrets. It is always well worth it. Of course, there were stunning goodie bags where we were showered with gifts from a host of sponsors. Check it out:

#CTMeetUp Goodie Bags

Below is a list of all the sponsors with links to their social media accounts (mainly twitter links provided). Do show them some love :)


Coasters – Admarula

Pouch Bags – Zana

Day Cream – Oh So Heavenly

Bracelet – Romeo Foxtrot

Biologie Hand and Body lotion – Rain Africa

Wine – Incompass Insurance

20% discount for a Budoir Shoot – Magical Moments In Time

Product* – Optiphi

Magazine, mints and keyring – Bontanical Society

R100 of R500 purchase voucher – Spree

Shampoo and Conditioner – John Frieda

2 for 1 voucher – Graze

Lip Balm, key ring – Zomato

20% off voucher – Charlie Foxtrot

Make Up/Polish Goodies – Revlon

Pen, Notebook and Gift Bags – Gumtree

A HUGE thank you to all the sponsors and to Cindy for arranging the entire event, the sponsorships and everything else to the finest detail. I don’t know how she does it. Her events are always a huge success and I’m definitely adding her to my bank account as a beneficiary so I can secure my tickets to the next event before anyone else snaps it up!

Do you enjoy blogging events? Tell me about your experiences meeting the faces behind the blogs in the comments. I’d love to hear your story :)




*I didn’t find anything in my goodie bag from Optiphi this time around, but they usually give away a variety of products

Mother’s Day Nails 2015

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Hi everyone! A happy Mother’s Day to all those that celebrated yesterday. Mother’s Day can be such a bittersweet day for a lot of people and I find it hard not to think about those who have lost their mothers and those who yearn to be mothers on a day like yesterday. I hope it was a blessed day for everyone none the less. My husband worked late the previous night, into Sunday morning, so I didn’t get breakfast in bed. Instead I got up to make breakfast for myself and the kids. Maybe when they’re older someone will find it in their heart to get up for me 😛 On Friday Elijah brought me a small bottle of bubble bath with a “Happy Mother’s Day” note attached which they were given at school. I went to church with Gabby where the mothers gathered for tea and cake after service to celebrate. When I got home I painted my nails and soon we were off to my mother in law for lunch. All in all it wasn’t a bad day. Let me show you the mani I wore :)

Revlon Coy and Pink Glaze

Revlon Coy and Pink Glaze


I started off with my usual Tip Top base coat to protect my nails. I painted 3 coats of Revlon Coy on all of my nails. Coy is the bottle in the second picture. It is a lovely baby pink creme. The formula was good on this one. I didn’t flood my cuticles at all when painting. It definitely required 3 coats though, which isn’t unusual for a light pink polish. I have a similar colour in another brand which also requires 3 coats to even out nicely. It really is a gorgeous pink and I am happy to have another! On my middle and ring nails I added a coat of Revlon Pink Glaze over Coy. Pink Glaze is a gorgeous fuschia shimmer suspended in a clear base. I am so cross that I couldn’t get the fuschia to show up in any of my photos because it is very apparent in person. Not only is it very easy to see, but it is GORGEOUS! I cannot WAIT to layer it over a dark colour like black or purple. It is going to look amazing! Perhaps it will show up better in photos then. On my middle nail I placed a sticker from a sheet that I received at Born Pretty Store (press sample), I will be reviewing it for the blog soon so keep an eye out for that and I added a gold stud from one of my nail wheels on my ring nail (also from BPS*). I received these 2 polishes in the #CTMeetUp goodie bag when I attended over the weekend. We also got some other goodies, but I will include those in a separate blog post :) Here they are on their own:

Revlon Pink Glaze and Coy

What do you think of this mani and these colours? I like wearing feminine manis on Mother’s Day, just like I did last year. Let me know what you think in the comments below :)






*Don’t forget you can use my affiliate link in the sidebar on the right to register on Born Pretty Store, as well as my 10% discount code for non discounted items :)

I don’t need money, honey





Hi everyone! That title is such link bait! LOL. It is actually the name of a polish I’ll be showing you today :) It was my bestie’s baby shower over the weekend and I wanted to do a mani for her. Not for the baby, but for her.  It wasn’t hard to pick out a colour since she is a blue fanatic and I had a gorgeous blue foil polish in my untried pile. Let me show you what I came up with:


I started with my usual Tip Top Base coat to protect my natural nails. I painted 2 coats of essence I don’t need money, honey onto all of my nails. I don’t need money, honey is a stunning blue foil that is perfect in just 2 coats. The formula was a bit tricky for me. The polish seems to dry quite quickly, so you need to apply it carefully in order not to create bald spots. Also try not to overload your brush with polish. Rather paint thinner coats as too much polish will flood your cuticles and leave brush strokes. There is by no means anything wrong with the formula and I don’t hate it, but these tips should help you get a gorgeous finish. I also had some staining on my skin, but nothing a quick scrub with a nail brush couldn’t sort out. Once my nails were dry I used essence black stampy polish and the right hand image on PUEEN 44 to stamp onto all my nails except my ring nails. I chose this image because she loves anything damask 😉 On my ring nail I placed a 3 mm rhinestone from a wheel I reviewed here (Press Sample). I sealed everything in with a coat of Seche Vite.

I absolutely adored these. I’ve figured I actually really love a full foil finish mani. The brushed chrome effect really appeals to me. What do you think of this mani? Do you like foil polishes too?

8 Months with No Antibiotics – Almost Foiled!

Hi everyone! Poor Gabby has been sick since Sunday. She started off with a horrible dry cough that sounded like a bark. I suspected she might have croup. She started spiking fevers of over 39° and we medicated her accordingly. I sent her to the day mother on Monday where her fever persisted and I figured out that I often ran to the doctor because the day mother is a bit alarmist. On Tuesday she had said Gabby was laying around and not herself. Rudi was home from work and went over to find her playing with the other kids. I understand she may be concerned something happens to the kids while they are there, but it was suddenly clear to me that I often took the kids to the doctor based on her feedback without seeing myself. Gabby didn’t stay home with Rudi because we were unsure if he would be called away to work unexpectedly.

On Tuesday night her fevers carried on coming back and I decided to try and get her to a doctor. I stayed home with her, but the doctors were all fully booked at the practice where we normally take them. There are at least 6 doctors there, so clearly I am not alone. I made an appointment for Thursday. She went over 39° on Wednesday night and again at 3 AM on Thursday morning and I decided to keep the appointment. She had also opened up a snot factory in her head that was new and I was truly afraid she was going to cough so hard she would vomit in our bed. She has also not been eating well, but she has been nursing almost non stop so I am not really worried about her nutrient intake.

I changed doctors for this appointment. I chose a doctor I *know* doesn’t push antibiotics if it isn’t necessary. My grandmother often goes to him and friends of ours use him too. I just knew if I took her back to our regular doctor that we would leave with an antibiotic script in hand.

We went to see the doctor and he assured me that we were not at a point where antibiotics were needed. He advised that the flu was extremely persistent this year and it was not uncommon for him to see kids with fevers for much longer than normal. He advised which symptoms to look for when antibiotics would be called in. He said the clear runny nose was a sign of a viral bug and if really thick coloured sticky snot was present we were likely dealing with a bacterial infection. He gave us one or two extra meds for her symptoms and some peace of mind. She was such a star at the doctor and he said it was a pleasure to examine her. He also mentioned that she had a very sunny disposition for someone who was sick. I said I think the boobs had something to do with it and he said that breastfed children are often more calm and happy. The man knows how to score brownie points with me! (I am not saying bottle fed babies are unhappy/not calm at all. I am sure he was not either. I have a bottle fed child too.)

I was elated that he didn’t prescribe antibiotics. We are now 8 months antibiotic free and hopefully Gabby will get over this without them. The doctor said they are seeing flu that used to last 3 to 4 days drag on for 2 weeks now. I guess the bugs are getting much stronger…what with all the over prescription of antibiotics. 

Other than that Gabby is fully potty trained.  She has blown me away. At 3 AM when she woke up with a fever, she also asked to go pee. We have taken her off nappies altogether. Potty training is one of my least favourite parenting experiences. I did have quite a few unpleasant messes to clean up with her, but she has completely surpassed my expectations with the speed she has taken herself off night nappies in particular. After about 2 months of her waking up with a dry nappy every day I decided we are wasting our money on nappies.  Yay for her! (and us!)

Here’s hoping she is on the mend and that her immunity goes from strength to strength as we try to stick to this antibiotic free lifestyle :)


Anniversary Nails

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Hi everyone! My husband and I celebrated our anniversary on the 26th of April. This year we were together for 15 years of which we have been married for 8. We specifically got married on our dating anniversary…just to make things easier for my husband to remember 😉 The nails I decided to wear for my anniversary were inspired by a post on Pish.Posh.Polish. You can see her manicure here. I have shied away from doing negative space manis for a very long time. I just couldn’t decide if I liked them or not. I really liked the one Karen did and since my nails aren’t badly stained at the moment I decided it was the best time to take the plunge and jump out of my comfort zone. Let me show you what I came up with:

China Glaze Just Be-Claws and negative space PUEEN stamping

I started off with my usual Tip Top base coat to protect my natural nails. On my index and pinkie nails I painted 2 coats of China Glaze Just Be-Claws and added a 2 mm round black stud from Born Pretty Store near the cuticle. On my middle and ring nails I stamped the bottom image on PUEEN 32 with essence black stampy polish. I sealed everything in with a coat of Seche Vite. Voila! This was a really fast and simple mani to do. I just LOVE Just Be-Claws and I could stamp really quicky because base coat requires basically no drying time. I wasn’t sure I was going to like this, but I really do. This lacey image made it feel very sexy. Almost like lingerie for the nails…just a sneak peak of what is underneath. Had I used another image, I might not have drawn the same conclusion, but at least I know I’m not completely averse to negative space nail art.

So I showed my husband my mani and the conversation went something like this:

Me: Look! Do you like it? It’s negative space nail art!

Him: *looks confused*

Me: Yes, the stamped nails, they’re called that because there is no polish underneath the stamp and you can still see my actual nail. So, negative space.

Him: Negative space? It looks like pandas.

LOL! Well, it kind of does. Now I keep seeing pandas when I look at these! My husband had to step out to work for a few hours on our anniversary, but he came home with this:

Pink Anniversary Roses and Van Loveren Wine

Day.Made. We had a relaxing day together with the family and it was lovely.

What do you think of this mani? Do you like negative space nail art? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


April Nail Anarchy Challenge

Hi everyone! It’s that time of the month again! The last Friday of each month my friends from my Nail Anarchy Whatsapp group create a mani with a prompt chosen by one of us. This month it was Thea’s turn to pick a prompt and she chose “Opposites” as her theme. You can find Thea over at Madness Nails. This prompt gave me some food for thought. I didn’t want to do something super predictable and was really stoked when my idea popped into my head. I decided to use colours that are opposite one another on the colour wheel. I chose my favourite colour to begin with (purple) and the colour directly opposite purple on the colour wheel is yellow. In colour theory colours opposite one another on the colour wheel compliment each other well. I wasn’t 100% sure about it before I started my mani, but I certainly was when I was done! This is what I came up with:

April Nail Anarchy Challenge

I started off with my usual Tip Top base coat to protect my natural nails. On my index and middle nails I am wearing 3 coats of Tip Top Diva Glam. Diva Glam is a sheer purple jelly packed with small dark blue and slightly bigger purple and silver glitter. The base of this polish is very sheer, but built up to opacity with 3 coats for me. I only wore one coat of top coat over this as it didn’t dry too gritty. On my ring and pinkie nails I’m wearing 3 coats of China Glaze Lemon Fizz. Lemon Fizz is a gorgeous yellow pastel. The formula is a bit tricky, as yellows and pastels go, but not too bad. On my middle and ring nails I used some waterslide decals from Born Pretty Store (purchase here*). Once again, they were super easy to use once I figured out how to use them. I use Diva Glam and a dotting tool to dot onto my pinkie nail and Lemon Fizz to dot onto my index nail. I sealed everything in with a coat of Seche Vite.

What do you think of these? I really enjoyed wearing them and would love to hear your thoughts. Don’t forget to check out what everyone else did on the inlinkz below :)






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